Uruguay Announces Four Starting XV Changes for Clash Against Namibia

Uruguay Announces Four Starting XV Changes for Clash Against Namibia

Uruguay’s head coach, Esteban Meneses, has unveiled his 23-man squad set to take on Namibia in a Pool A showdown in Lyon on Wednesday, September 27th. This crucial match will see four alterations to the starting lineup, with two changes in the backs and two in the forwards.

Starting XV:

  1. Mateo Sanguinetti
  2. German Kessler
  3. Diego Arbelo
  4. Felipe Aliaga
  5. Manuel Leindekar
  6. Manuel Ardao
  7. Santiago Civetta
  8. Carlos Deus
  9. Santiago Arata
  10. Felipe Etcheverry
  11. Nicolas Freitas
  12. Andres Vilaseca (c)
  13. Felipe Arcos Perez
  14. Bautista Basso
  15. Baltazar Amaya


  1. Guillermo Pujadas
  2. Facundo Gattas
  3. Reinaldo Piussi
  4. Juan Manuel Rodríguez
  5. Eric Dosantos
  6. Agustin Ormaechea
  7. Felipe Berchesi
  8. Juan Manuel Alonso

Head coach Esteban Meneses has orchestrated four alterations to his starting XV following their 38-17 defeat against Italy. Two adjustments have been made in the forward pack, while two changes grace the backline.

Diego Arbelo will replace Ignacio Peculo in the front-row, and Carlos Deus will step in for Manuel Diana in the back-row. On the right wing, Bautista Basso will assume the position previously held by Gaston Mieres, and the center position sees Felipe Arcos Perez making his RWC debut, taking over from Tomas Inciarte.

The squad retains 13 players from the previous match against Namibia in August, with nine of them securing their places in the starting XV: Mateo Sanguinetti, German Kessler, Diego Arbelo, Manuel Leindekar, Santiago Civetta, Carlos Deus, Felipe Arcos Perez, Bautista Basso, and captain Andrés Vilaseca.

Baltazar Amaya has emerged as one of Uruguay’s most potent offensive players at RWC 2023, amassing a remarkable 128 carry meters and successfully evading nine defenders.

Felipe Etcheverry has been the architect behind all three try assists for Uruguay at RWC 2023, including two that found the mark with Nicolas Freitas, who aspires to become the sole Uruguayan player to tally three RWC tries.

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