How to Watch High School Softball Live on NFHS Network

How to Watch High School Softball Live on NFHS Network

Your Ultimate Playbook for Streaming High School Softball on NFHS Network

Softball fans, get ready to slide into the season with live streaming of high school games on the NFHS Network. Here’s how you can hit a home run with your viewing experience:

On Your Smartphone:

  • Download the NFHS Network App: Live and on-demand games are at your fingertips.
  • More Than Games: The app also brings you highlights and other school events.
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Via Your Web Browser:

  • Go to For live streaming and on-demand viewing, this is your home base.
  • Extra Innings: Not just softball – catch highlights and other school festivities.
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On Your Tablet:

  • App or Browser: The NFHS Network app and both offer a full roster of features.
  • Grand Slam Viewing: Enjoy live games, on-demand replays, and more.
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From Your Computer:

  • Stream on Your desktop or laptop is the ticket to all the action.
  • Full Lineup: Explore the NFHS Network Store and other unique features.
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Through Connected Devices:

  • Big League Viewing: AppleTV, fireTV, Roku, and GoogleTV bring the game to the big screen.
  • Easy Play: Connect, sign in, and pick your game to start streaming.
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Support Your Team:

  • Subscribe and Sign In: To unlock videos, sign in, subscribe, and select your game.
  • Cheer Loudly: Your subscription helps fund your school’s programs.
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With this guide, you’re all set to catch every pitch, hit, and run of the high school softball season. So, grab your snacks, pick your platform, and enjoy the game with NFHS Network!

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