How to Watch High School Lacrosse Live on NFHS Network

How to Watch High School Lacrosse Live on NFHS Network

Catch the Lacrosse Action: Your Guide to Streaming High School Games on NFHS Network

Lacrosse season is in full swing, and fans can’t miss the electrifying plays and fierce competition. But what if you can’t make it to the field? The NFHS Network brings the action straight to your living room – or wherever you are! This guide gives you the lowdown on how to stream high school lacrosse games live and on-demand.

Stream on the Go:

  • Phone Power: Download the NFHS Network app and catch all the lacrosse action live or on-demand. It’s perfect for keeping up with your favorite teams while on the move.
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Big Screen Experience:

  • Living Room Ready: For a more immersive experience, stream games directly on your computer through This is also where you’ll find a treasure trove of lacrosse highlights, featured games, and even non-sports events like graduations.

App Advantage:

  • Tablets and Phones: Don’t limit yourself to a phone! The NFHS Network app is available for tablets as well, offering the same great features for watching live and on-demand lacrosse games.
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Bonus Features (Computer Only):

  • Level Up Your Viewing: Watching on your computer unlocks exclusive features like the NFHS Network Store, a “watch later” list for keeping track of must-see games, and a library of lacrosse highlights to relive all the season’s best moments.
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Getting Started:

Signing up is easy! Simply create an account, subscribe to the NFHS Network, and choose the lacrosse game you want to watch. Remember, subscribing directly supports your favorite high school and its athletic programs.

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Beyond Lacrosse:

The NFHS Network isn’t just about lacrosse. It’s your one-stop shop for streaming a wide variety of high school sports throughout the year. So, bookmark this guide and get ready to cheer on your school’s athletes all season long!

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