How to Watch High School Soccer Live on NFHS Network

How to Watch High School Soccer Live on NFHS Network

Stream High School Soccer Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide to NFHS Network

Soccer fans, rejoice! You can now follow high school soccer action live, without missing a single goal, thanks to the NFHS Network. Here’s how you can kick off your streaming experience:

For Smartphone Users:

  • Download the App: The NFHS Network app is your ticket to live and on-demand games.
  • Extra Features: The app also offers highlights and access to other school events.
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On the Web:

  • Visit the Site: Head over to for live and on-demand streaming.
  • Beyond Soccer: The site also features game highlights and other school-related events.
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Tablet-Friendly Streaming:

  • App or Browser: Whether through the NFHS Network app or via your tablet’s browser, you’re all set.
  • Full Access: Enjoy the same comprehensive features as the smartphone and web options.
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Via Your Computer:

  • Laptop/Desktop Streaming: is your go-to for watching games on larger screens.
  • Explore the Extras: Don’t miss out on the NFHS Network Store and other exclusive features.
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Through Connected Devices:

  • Big Screen Experience: Stream on devices like AppleTV, fireTV, Roku, and GoogleTV for a larger-than-life view.
  • Simple Setup: Just connect, log in, and select your match.
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Supporting Your School:

  • Subscribe to Watch: Sign in, subscribe, and choose the event you’re interested in.
  • Cheer Them On: Your subscription contributes to your school’s programs.
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With this guide, you’re all set to stream high school soccer matches from anywhere, anytime. Get ready to cheer on your local teams with NFHS Network!

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