Santiago Arata’s Triumphant Return: Uruguay Reveals Squad for Clash Against France

Santiago Arata’s Triumphant Return: Uruguay Reveals Squad for Clash Against France

Uruguay’s head coach, Esteban Meneses, has unveiled his formidable squad set to take on France at the iconic Stade de Pierre-Mauroy in Lille this Thursday. The big news is the triumphant return of Castres’ scrum-half sensation, Santiago Arata, who has bounced back from a hand injury and reclaimed his spot in the starting XV.

Starting Line-up:

  1. Mateo Sanguinetti
  2. Guillermo Pujadas
  3. Ignacio Peculo
  4. Felipe Aliaga
  5. Manuel Leindekar
  6. Manuel Ardao
  7. Santiago Civetta
  8. Manuel Diana
  9. Santiago Arata
  10. Felipe Etcheverry
  11. Nicolas Freitas
  12. Andres Vilaseca (c)
  13. Tomas Inciarte
  14. Bautista Basso
  15. Baltazar Amaya
  16. Facundo Gattas


  1. Matias Benitez
  2. Reinaldo Piussi
  3. Ignacio Dotti
  4. Lucas Bianchi
  5. Carlos Deus
  6. Agustin Ormaechea
  7. Felipe Berchesi

Coach Esteban Meneses has assembled a battle-hardened starting lineup, with no less than 11 players returning from the memorable 2019 Rugby World Cup squad. These rugby stalwarts include Mateo Sanguinetti, Guillermo Pujadas, Manuel Leindeker, Manuel Ardao, Santiago Civetta, Manuel Diana, Santiago Arata, Felipe Etcheverry, Nicolas Freitas, Andres Vilaseca, and Tomas Inciarte. Furthermore, the bench boasts an additional trio of seasoned players.

Adding to the intrigue, five members of this dynamic squad ply their trade in French club rugby. Santiago Arata represents Castres, while Nicolas Freitas and Andrés Vilaseca don Vannes jerseys. Manuel Leindekar showcases his skills at Bayonne, and Agustin Ormaechea graces the turf for Nice.

Felipe Etcheverry, Tomas Inciarte, and Baltazar Amaya have recently showcased their talents at the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022. Notably, Amaya stood out with an impressive tally of five tries, making him the second-highest try-scorer in Cape Town last year. Etcheverry has been the linchpin of Uruguay’s offensive efforts this season, leading the team with 24 carries, 178 meters gained, four offloads, and an impressive five defenders beaten.

In a historic moment, Captain Andrés Vilaseca and Agustin Ormaechea will etch their names in the annals of rugby history as the first Uruguayans to compete in three Rugby World Cup tournaments. Their ninth appearance in this upcoming game will set a new record, cementing their status as true legends of the sport.

It’s worth noting that Agustin Ormaechea’s father, Diego Ormaechea, holds a significant Rugby World Cup record as the oldest player ever to grace the field at the age of 40 years and 26 days when he played against South Africa in Glasgow during the 1999 Rugby World Cup.

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