How to Watch Poland vs. Slovenia Online from Anywhere

The CEV EuroVolley 2023 Men’s Championship has reached the highly anticipated semifinal stage, and one of the standout matchups features Poland squaring off against Slovenia. Volleyball fans worldwide are eager to witness this thrilling clash between two European powerhouses vying for a spot in the finals. If you’re wondering how to catch all the action, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the essential information on how to watch Poland vs. Slovenia live stream from anywhere.

When is Poland vs. Slovenia?

The Poland vs. Slovenia semifinal match of the CEV EuroVolley 2023 Men’s Championship is scheduled for 14th September 2023.

Where is Poland vs. Slovenia?

The electrifying showdown will take place at the Piazzale dello Sport in Rome, Italy. The venue’s address is Piazzale dello Sport, ROME, 00144.

What Time is Kick-off?

The match is set to kick off at 18:00 local time. Make sure to adjust your viewing schedule according to your time zone to catch every moment of this exciting encounter.

What TV Channel is Poland vs. Slovenia On?

To enjoy the Poland vs. Slovenia clash on your television screen, you can tune in to EuroVolleyTV. This channel serves as the official broadcaster of the CEV EuroVolley 2023 Men’s Championship and offers comprehensive coverage of all the tournament’s matches.

How to Watch Poland vs. Slovenia Online?

If you prefer the convenience of watching the game online, EuroVolleyTV provides an excellent option. You can live stream the Poland vs. Slovenia match through the EuroVolleyTV YouTube Channel. However, please note that a subscription is required for access, with a cost of 7.99 Euros per month for the All-Access pass. This subscription not only grants you access to this exciting semifinal but also offers the opportunity to enjoy the entire EuroVolley experience from anywhere in the world.

Who is the Referee?

The officials for this crucial semifinal match have been appointed as follows:

First Referee: Igor PORVAZNIK (SVK)
Second Referee: Ilaria VAGNI (ITA)

These experienced referees will ensure fair play and uphold the spirit of the game during what promises to be an intense and thrilling contest between Poland and Slovenia.

Team News

POLAND line-ups and officials

3 POPIWCZAK Jakub (Libero)
5 KACZMAREK Łukasz (Opposite)
6 KUREK Bartosz (Outside spiker)
7 KLOS Karol (Middle blocker)
9 LEON VENERO (Wilfredo Outside spiker)
10 BEDNORZ Bartosz (Outside spiker)
11 ŚLIWKA Aleksander (Outside spiker)
12 ŁOMACZ Grzegorz (Setter)
15 KOCHANOWSKI (Jakub Middle blocker)
16 SEMENIUK Kamil (Outside spiker)
17 ZATORSKI Paweł (Libero)
19 JANUSZ Marcin (Setter)
21 FORNAL (Tomasz Outside spiker)
99 HUBER Norbert (Middle blocker)

Head Coach: GRBIĆ Nikola
Assistant Coach: SWACZYNA Adam
Assistant Coach 2: RUSEK Pawel

SLOVENIA line-ups and officials

2 PAJENK Alen (Middle blocker)
3 PLANINŠIČ Uroš (Setter)
4 KOZAMERNIK Jan (Middle blocker)
6 TOMAN Urban (Libero)
8 BRAČKO Rok (Outside spiker)
10 ŠTALEKAR Sašo (Middle blocker)
11 KONCILJA Danijel (Middle blocker)
13 KOVAČIČ Jani (Libero)
14 STERN Ziga (Outside spiker)
16 ROPRET Gregor (Setter)
17 URNAUT Tine (Outside spiker)
18 CEBULJ Klemen (Outside spiker)
19 Možič Rok (Outside spiker)
20 MUJANOVIČ Nik (Opposite)

Head Coach: CRETU Gheorghe
Assistant Coach: DE CECCO Matteo
Assistant Coach 2: KEDACIC Zoran

In conclusion, the Poland vs. Slovenia semifinal match in the CEV EuroVolley 2023 Men’s Championship is set to deliver volleyball excellence at its finest. Whether you choose to watch it on TV or via live streaming, don’t miss the chance to witness the intensity and skill of these two volleyball giants as they battle for a coveted spot in the finals. Enjoy the match!

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