Today’s New York Times Connections #284 Answers And Hints – March 21, 2024

Today’s New York Times Connections #284 Answers And Hints – March 21, 2024

The New York Times’s Connections game is a daily challenge that tests your vocabulary and your ability to spot patterns. Each day presents a new puzzle wall to solve, and while yesterday’s puzzle was filled with long words, today’s puzzle is a stark contrast, featuring only three-letter words.

Category Hints

The puzzle is divided into four categories – Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. Each category has a unique theme that provides a hint about the words you’re trying to find. Here are the hints for today’s categories:

  • Yellow Category: Perfect for gossips and smalltalkers.
  • Green Category: Concerns a certain type of animal, often in the context of farming and husbandry.
  • Blue Category: Words that don’t care which way you look at them.
  • Purple Category: An astronomical theme.

Today’s Answers

If you’re ready to check your answers, here they are:

  • Yellow Category (Chat, Informally): Gab, Jaw, Yak, Yap
  • Green Category (Female Animals): Cow, Doe, Ewe, Hen
  • Blue Category (Palindromes): Bib, Eye, Gag, Pop
  • Purple Category (Starts Of Planet Names): Ear, Mar, Mer, Sat

Whether you’re looking for a nudge in the right direction or a sneaky way to preserve your blemish-free record, this guide has got you covered. Remember, the fun of the NYT Connections game comes from the challenge of figuring out the words on your own. But if you’re really stuck, there’s no shame in getting a little help. Happy puzzling!

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