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Kelly Clarkson: From ‘American Idol’ Triumph to Solo Parenting in NYC After Divorce

Kelly Clarkson: From ‘American Idol’ Triumph to Solo Parenting in NYC After Divorce

Major Triumph

Back in 2002, Kelly Clarkson emerged as the first victor of American Idol. Reflecting on the experience, she emphasized, “It forever altered the trajectory of my life.”

Emotional Turmoil

On the day when she clinched two Grammy Awards in 2006, Kelly had been mistakenly diagnosed with cancer, leading to a tumult of emotions. “I spent the entire day in tears,” she confided. Subsequently, it was revealed that she was grappling with an autoimmune disorder.

Challenging Relationships

In discussing her failed marriage, Kelly confessed that therapy couldn’t salvage it. “It’s incredibly heartbreaking,” she shared. “There’s a profound sense of loss.” However, one positive outcome from the relationship was the bond she formed with Brandon Blackstock’s former stepmother, Reba McEntire.

Personal Struggles

After shedding 37 pounds in 2018 through the Plant Paradox diet, Kelly found it difficult to sustain the weight loss permanently. Addressing body-shaming, she asserted, “When people critique my weight, I simply think, ‘Your issue, not mine.'”

The Breaking Point

Juggling multiple commitments, including The Voice in L.A. and her own talk show, proved overwhelming for the singer. “I cherish that community, but I was struggling. I didn’t feel like putting on a happy face,” she disclosed, reflecting on her decision to depart from the show.

Unveiling Reality

Acknowledging the accusations of a “toxic workplace” on her talk show, Kelly expressed her disdain for being distanced from her family on the East Coast. “It became isolating,” she admitted. “Living in L.A. was never my intention from the outset.”

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