Steele vs Dripping Springs LIVE UIL 6A D2 Texas State Football Championships 12/2/2023

Steele vs Dripping Springs LIVE UIL 6A D2 Texas State Football Championships 12/2/2023

The Steele Knights, fresh off a decisive 52-14 victory over Judson in the fourth round of the playoffs, are poised to face the Dripping Springs Tigers in a thrilling quarterfinals matchup of the 2023 UIL Texas Football State Championships. The Knights, currently ranked 23rd in the state, boast an impressive 12-1 record this season, demonstrating their unwavering dominance on the field.

How to Watch

What it is: Texas Varsity Boys Football
Matchup: Steele Knights vs. Dripping Springs Tigers
Date: Saturday Dec. 2, 2023
Time: 7pm ET
Locations: Alamodome

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The Dripping Springs Tigers, carrying the momentum of their 38-21 victory over Cedar Park in the fourth round of the playoffs, are ready to challenge the Steele Knights for a spot in the semifinals. The Tigers, currently ranked 37th in the state, have showcased their resilience and determination throughout the season, amassing an 11-2 record.

Steele Knights:

Capitalizing on Jonathan Hatton Jr.’s rushing prowess: With an average of 76.5 rushing yards per game, Jonathan Hatton Jr. stands as a formidable force on the Knights’ offense. Utilizing his speed and agility to exploit gaps in the Tigers’ defense will be crucial for the Knights’ success.

Harnessing Chad Warner’s passing accuracy: Chad Warner’s impressive passing average of 235.3 yards per game highlights his ability to orchestrate the Knights’ aerial attack. Maintaining precision and efficiency in passing will be essential for the Knights to keep the Tigers’ defense on their heels.

Leveraging Andrew Buck’s defensive prowess: Andrew Buck’s exceptional tackling ability, averaging 8.4 tackles per game, makes him a cornerstone of the Knights’ defense. His ability to disrupt the Tigers’ offensive plays and create turnovers will be pivotal in securing victory.

Dripping Springs Tigers:

Unleashing Jack Robert Tyndall’s rushing potential: Jack Robert Tyndall’s exceptional rushing average of 133.3 yards per game demonstrates his ability to power through opposing defenses. Unleashing his explosiveness and creating opportunities for him to break tackles will be essential for the Tigers’ offensive success.

Maximizing Jack Williams’ passing efficiency: Jack Williams’ impressive passing average of 133.2 yards per game highlights his ability to distribute the ball effectively. Maintaining accuracy and making smart decisions under pressure will be crucial for the Tigers to keep the Knights’ defense guessing.

Capitalizing on Theo Howard’s defensive tenacity: Theo Howard’s strong tackling ability, averaging 7.7 tackles per game, makes him a key player in the Tigers’ defensive strategy. His ability to read the play, anticipate offensive moves, and make crucial stops will be essential for the Tigers to limit the Knights’ scoring opportunities.


This highly anticipated quarterfinals matchup promises to be a nail-biting clash between two evenly matched teams. Both the Steele Knights and the Dripping Springs Tigers possess the talent, determination, and strategic prowess to emerge victorious. While the Knights hold a slight edge in experience, the Tigers’ unwavering spirit and offensive firepower should not be underestimated. The outcome of this game could come down to which team can make the most strategic adjustments, capitalize on opportunities, and execute their plays with precision under pressure.

Projected Score:

Steele Knights 34 – Dripping Springs Tigers 31

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