Salado vs Randall LIVE Girls Volleyball Thursday

Salado vs Randall LIVE Girls Volleyball Thursday

The Texas High School Girls Volleyball season is reaching its pinnacle, and two of the top teams in the state, the Salado Eagles and the Randall Raiders, are set to clash in an epic showdown on Thursday, November 16, 2023, at 3:00 PM ET. This semi-final match will take place at a neutral site in Amarillo, Texas.

Volleyball enthusiasts can catch all the action live on the NFHS Network app and website. The game will also be available for on-demand viewing after the final whistle blows.

Date: Thursday, November 16, 2023
Time: 3:00 PM ET
Location: Amarillo, Texas
Live Stream: Watch here

Don’t miss out on this epic showdown between two of Texas’ top high school girls volleyball teams. Tune in to the NFHS Network app or website on Thursday, November 16, at 3:00 PM ET to witness the next step towards crowning the state champion.

The Salado Eagles enter this game with an impressive record of 39-10, showcasing their dominance throughout the season. Their exceptional performance has earned them the number 105 ranking in the state. The Eagles are known for their aggressive offense, averaging 2.2 points per set.

On the other side of the net, the Randall Raiders have soared to new heights this season, boasting an astonishing record of 43-4. Their exceptional talent has propelled them to the number 23 ranking in the state. The Raiders are renowned for their formidable defense, averaging 2.5 points per set.

Despite their impressive records and distinct playing styles, both teams share a common goal: to capture the coveted state championship title. This highly anticipated matchup promises to be a thrilling display of athleticism, skill, and strategic brilliance.

Interestingly, the Salado Eagles and the Randall Raiders have never faced each other in an official match. This adds an extra layer of intrigue to the semi-final game, as both teams will be eager to prove their mettle against an unfamiliar opponent.

Both teams have demonstrated exceptional offensive and defensive prowess throughout the season. The Salado Eagles have recorded a total of 1,610 kills, while the Randall Raiders have tallied 1,726 kills. In terms of blocking, the Eagles have 286 total blocks, while the Raiders have 182.

When it comes to serving aces, the Randall Raiders hold a slight edge with 281 aces compared to the Eagles’ 268 aces. The defensive statistics also favor the Raiders, as they have recorded 2,241 digs compared to the Eagles’ 2,068 digs.

In terms of assists, the Randall Raiders lead with 1,721 assists, while the Salado Eagles have 1,485 assists. The Raiders also have a slight advantage in receptions, with 1,897 receptions compared to the Eagles’ 2,066 receptions.

Both teams boast exceptional individual players who have contributed significantly to their success. For the Salado Eagles, Kael Wilcox leads the team with 339 kills, while Reese Rich has made an impressive 608 digs. Liv Niu has also played a crucial role with 1,191 assists.

For the Randall Raiders, Jordyn Gove has been a force to be reckoned with, recording 709 kills and 65 total blocks. Kenna Miller has also been a standout player, with 605 digs and 753 receptions.

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