Mt. Mansfield vs Bellows Free Academy LIVE Score Vermont High School Ice Hockey (2/14/2024)

Mt. Mansfield vs Bellows Free Academy LIVE Score Vermont High School Ice Hockey (2/14/2024)

It’s love for the game, not lovebirds, taking center stage on Valentine’s Day as the #3 nationally ranked Bellows Free Academy Bobwhites/Comets (9-0-1) face the Mt. Mansfield Cougars (0-0) in a Vermont Girls Ice Hockey conference matchup. Puck drops at 5:30 PM ET at the BFA rink, promising an intriguing battle between a dominant force and a team shrouded in mystery.

How to Watch Mt. Mansfield vs Bellows Free Academy

What it is: Vermont Girls Ice Hockey
Matchup: Bellows Free Academy Bobwhites/Comets vs. Mt. Mansfield Cougars
Date: Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2024
Time: 5:30pm ET
Locations: St. Albans, VT
Live stream: Watch here

LIVE Stream the Mt. Mansfield vs Bellows Free Academy Varsity Girls Ice Hockey game Today!

Bellows Free Academy enters the game on a tear, boasting an undefeated record and averaging a formidable 4.5 goals per game. They are the reigning state champions and possess a deep, experienced roster. A victory would further solidify their national standing and inch them closer to another championship title.

Mt. Mansfield, on the other hand, remains an enigma. With no games played this season, their true potential and playing style are unknown. However, they enter the game hungry to prove themselves and notch their first win. An upset against the nationally ranked Bobwhites/Comets would be a major statement and a Cinderella story in the making.

Bellows Free Academy Bobwhites/Comets: Keep an eye on #10 Sarah Chen, leading the team in goals and points, and #20 Emily Evans, known for her exceptional defensive playmaking.
Mt. Mansfield Cougars: With no prior games, identifying key players is difficult. However, watch out for any players who emerge as offensive threats or defensive anchors for the Cougars.

This matchup adds intrigue as it marks the first time these two teams meet this season. With Mt. Mansfield’s unknown capabilities, the game is shrouded in suspense. Both sides will be eager to establish their dominance and set the tone for the remainder of the season.

While Bellows Free Academy appears to be the clear favorite, hockey is a game of surprises. Mt. Mansfield, playing with a point to prove and the element of surprise on their side, will be determined to pull off a Valentine’s Day miracle. With both teams showcasing talented players and passionate fan bases, this matchup promises an exciting and unpredictable battle on the ice.

Don’t miss the action! Tune in to the LIVE stream of the Mt. Mansfield vs Bellows Free Academy game and witness who comes out on top in this highly anticipated Vermont Girls Ice Hockey showdown.

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