McKinley Tech vs Jackson-Reed LIVE Score Washington, DC High School Basketball (2/13/2024)

McKinley Tech vs Jackson-Reed LIVE Score Washington, DC High School Basketball (2/13/2024)

The Washington, DC boys basketball playoffs heat up on Tuesday, February 13th, as McKinley Tech (17-10) faces a daunting challenge against the Jackson-Reed Tigers (29-2) in a rematch. While Jackson-Reed emerged victorious in their previous meeting, McKinley Tech is determined to turn the tables and advance to the next round.

How to Watch McKinley Tech vs Jackson-Reed

What it is: Washington, DC Boys Basketball
Matchup: Jackson-Reed Tigers vs. McKinley Tech Trainers
Date: Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024
Time: 7pm ET
Locations: Washington, DC
Live stream: Watch here

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Ranked 23rd nationally and 2nd in the state, Jackson-Reed boasts a dominant record and a high-scoring offense, averaging 69.0 points per game. Their balanced attack and stifling defense, allowing only 43.2 points per game, make them a tough opponent to crack. Led by experienced players and a winning mentality, Jackson-Reed aims to repeat their previous victory and continue their championship quest.

Despite entering with a lower record and a significant scoring gap, McKinley Tech shouldn’t be counted out. Ranked 12th in the state, they possess the potential to pull off an upset. Their recent form has been encouraging, and their defense, allowing only 48.1 points per game, could be a key factor in slowing down Jackson-Reed’s offensive momentum. Moreover, they are eager to redeem themselves after the earlier loss and prove their playoff mettle.

This game promises to be a thrilling rematch fueled by emotions from the previous encounter. McKinley Tech will be hungry for revenge, while Jackson-Reed will aim to repeat their victory and silence the doubters. Both teams have their strengths and weaknesses, and the outcome will hinge on their ability to capitalize on their advantages and overcome their shortcomings.

Will Jackson-Reed continue their dominant run and advance to the next round, or will McKinley Tech pull off a stunning upset and rewrite the script? Tune in to the game at 7pm ET on [insert streaming platform details] and witness this exciting DCIAA playoff rematch!

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