McClatchy vs Pinewood LIVE Score High School Girls Basketball (2/27/2024)

McClatchy vs Pinewood LIVE Score High School Girls Basketball (2/27/2024)

The 2024 CIF State Girls Basketball Championships open tonight with a highly anticipated matchup between the offensively potent McClatchy Lions (24-6) and the Pinewood Panthers (21-6) in the CIF Division I First Round. Both teams boast impressive scoring averages, setting the stage for a fast-paced and potentially high-scoring encounter.

How to Watch McClatchy vs Pinewood

What it is: California High School Girls Basketball
Matchup: Pinewood Panthers vs. McClatchy Lions
Date: Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024
Time: 7pm ET
Locations: Pinewood
Live stream: Watch here

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This CIF Division I First Round matchup features two teams with comparable strengths. McClatchy, sporting a 24-6 record and the #24 ranking in the division, enters the game averaging a staggering 65.4 points per game. Their well-oiled offense, combined with a decent defense allowing an average of 49.6 points per game, makes them a significant threat. Pinewood, despite their slightly lower winning record, boasts a strong league record (9-1) and a balanced attack, averaging 64.0 points per game. Their defense allows an average of 42.1 points per game.

Statistical Breakdown:

Both teams display exceptional offensive capabilities, with McClatchy holding a slight edge in scoring average. However, Pinewood boasts a superior defensive record. The ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities, maintain composure under pressure, and execute effectively on both ends of the court will be crucial for both teams.

Key Factors:

The ability of McClatchy to maintain their offensive efficiency, convert scoring opportunities, and handle the pressure of playing on the road in a high-stakes game will be key to their success. Additionally, staying focused and composed throughout the game, particularly down the stretch, will be vital for the Lions. For Pinewood, exceeding expectations with a strong offensive performance, minimizing turnovers, and capitalizing on any weaknesses in McClatchy’s defense will be crucial to securing a victory in the first round.


This matchup promises to be an exciting offensive showcase, with both teams possessing the potential to light up the scoreboard. McClatchy’s slightly higher scoring average and undefeated league record could give them a slight edge. However, underestimating Pinewood’s home-court advantage, strong defense, and potential to disrupt McClatchy’s offense should not be overlooked. Ultimately, the team that executes their game plan more effectively, maintains composure throughout the contest, and capitalizes on scoring opportunities will likely advance to the next round of the CIF Division I playoffs.

Don’t miss the live stream or follow the game updates to witness a thrilling encounter as the McClatchy Lions and the Pinewood Panthers battle for a spot in the CIF Division I Girls Basketball Championship!

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