Lower Cape May vs Manchester LIVE Score High School Girls Basketball (2/26/2024)

Lower Cape May vs Manchester LIVE Score High School Girls Basketball (2/26/2024)

The 2024 NJSIAA Girls Basketball State Championships (New Jersey) are in full swing as the South Jersey Group 2 quarterfinals witness a potentially intriguing matchup between the Lower Cape May Tigers (18-6) and the Manchester Township Hawks (20-7). While Manchester boasts a higher-powered offense and a slightly better record, Lower Cape May enters the game determined to pull off an upset and advance to the semifinals.

How to Watch Lower Cape May vs Manchester

What it is: New Jersey High School Girls Basketball
Matchup: Manchester Township vs. Lower Cape May Tigers
Date: Monday, Feb. 26, 2024
Time: 4pm ET
Locations: TBA
Live stream: Watch here

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This quarterfinal clash features a contrast in offensive styles. Manchester, sporting a 20-7 record, boasts a high-scoring offense, averaging 57.5 points per game. Lower Cape May counters with a more defense-oriented approach, averaging 41.1 points per game but allowing an impressive 775 points throughout the season. The Tigers, fueled by their strong defensive record and desire to reach the next round, aim to overcome their opponents by limiting their scoring and capitalizing on their own offensive opportunities.

Statistical Breakdown:

While Manchester holds a significant edge in scoring offense, Lower Cape May’s defensive prowess cannot be ignored. The Tigers will need to execute their defensive game plan effectively and limit turnovers to stay competitive against the high-scoring Hawks. Offensively, capitalizing on scoring opportunities and maintaining offensive efficiency will be crucial for Lower Cape May.

Key Factors:

The ability of Lower Cape May to contain Manchester’s offense and generate their own scoring opportunities will be key factors in this matchup. Additionally, the Tigers’ mental toughness and determination to compete despite the scoring disparity will be crucial in their fight for an upset. For Manchester, maintaining their offensive efficiency and converting scoring opportunities will be important, while also staying focused on defense to prevent any surprises.


This matchup promises to be an interesting battle, with Lower Cape May’s defensive approach facing a test against Manchester’s potent offense. The Hawks are favored based on their record and scoring prowess, but the Tigers possess the potential to cause an upset if they can execute their defensive game plan effectively and capitalize on scoring opportunities.

Don’t miss the live stream and witness a captivating encounter as the Lower Cape May Tigers and the Manchester Township Hawks battle for a spot in the NJSIAA South Jersey Group 2 semifinals!

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