Loch Raven vs Pikesville LIVE Score High School Girls Basketball (2/23/2024)

Loch Raven vs Pikesville LIVE Score High School Girls Basketball (2/23/2024)

The stage is set for a thrilling matchup in the Baltimore County Girls Basketball Championship as the #1-ranked Pikesville Panthers (18-3) face off against the #7-ranked Loch Raven Raiders (16-5) on Friday, February 23rd at 5 PM ET. While Pikesville seeks to defend their championship title and continue their dominant season, Loch Raven aims to pull off an upset and claim the coveted county crown.

How to Watch Loch Raven vs Pikesville

What it is: Maryland High School Girls Basketball
Matchup: Pikesville Panthers vs. Loch Raven Raiders
Date: Friday, Feb. 23, 2024
Time: 5pm ET
Locations: Pikesville High
Live stream: Watch here

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Panthers Roar with High-Scoring Offense and Home-Court Advantage:

Pikesville enters the championship game as the clear favorite, boasting a high-powered offense (averaging 62.4 points per game) and the crucial home-court advantage. They are the reigning champions and hold the #1 ranking in their class, making them a force to be reckoned with. Aiming to repeat their championship success, they’ll look to overwhelm their opponents with their offensive firepower and capitalize on the home crowd support.

Raiders Counter with Gritty Defense and Balanced Attack:

Despite their lower ranking and record, Loch Raven shouldn’t be underestimated. Their strong defense (allowing only 50.6 points per game) and balanced offense have been key to their success throughout the season. Led by a team-oriented approach, they’ll be looking to disrupt Pikesville’s offensive rhythm, create scoring opportunities through steals and fast breaks, and fight for every possession.

Key Matchup:

The battle between Pikesville’s potent offense and Loch Raven’s determined defense will be the key to victory. Can the Raiders’ defense slow down the Panthers’ scoring machine and contain their key players? Or will Pikesville’s offensive firepower overwhelm Loch Raven’s defensive efforts and secure their second consecutive championship title?

Beyond the Stats:

This matchup adds another layer of intrigue with the potential for an upset and the added pressure of a championship game. While Pikesville’s home-court advantage and offensive firepower give them the edge on paper, Loch Raven’s defensive prowess and balanced attack could be game-changers. Both teams will need to make strategic adjustments, capitalize on their strengths, and overcome their opponent’s weaknesses to emerge victorious.

How to Watch:

Don’t miss the excitement! The game tips off at 5 PM ET at Pikesville High School. Fans can catch the action live at the venue or stream it online through the NFHS Network.


This game promises to be a close and exciting encounter. While Pikesville holds the favorite status, Loch Raven has the potential to pull off an upset. Expect a battle where factors like momentum, clutch plays, and strategic adjustments based on the opponent’s strategy could decide the winner and the ultimate Baltimore County Girls Basketball Champion.

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