Hodgdon vs Penobscot Valley LIVE Score Maine High School Girls Basketball (2/19/2024)

Hodgdon vs Penobscot Valley LIVE Score Maine High School Girls Basketball (2/19/2024)

A thrilling rematch unfolds in the Maine Class C girls basketball playoffs as the Hodgdon Hawks (14-4) seek revenge against the Penobscot Valley Howlers (14-2) on Monday, February 19th. While Penobscot Valley enters as the slight favorite, boasting a dominant home record and a recent victory over Hodgdon, the Hawks aim to overcome their past defeat and rewrite the script in this crucial playoff rematch.

How to Watch Hodgdon vs Penobscot Valley

What it is: Maine Girls Basketball
Matchup: Penobscot Valley Howlers vs. Hodgdon Hawks
Date: Monday, Feb. 19, 2024
Time: 7pm ET
Locations: TBA
Live stream: Watch here

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Ranked 3rd in their class and 8th in the state, Penobscot Valley stands as a well-oiled machine. Their high-powered offense averages a whopping 66.8 points per game, complemented by a stifling defense allowing only 25.1 points per game. Riding a 9-game winning streak and fresh off a convincing victory over Hodgdon, they aim to replicate their performance and secure a spot in the next round, ultimately chasing their championship dreams.

Despite entering with a lower record and facing a recent defeat to Penobscot Valley, the Hawks shouldn’t be underestimated. Ranked 8th in their class, they possess a capable offense averaging 55.7 points per game and a determined defense allowing only 37.6 points per game. Fueled by the sting of their recent loss and the desire to advance in the playoffs, they are determined to overcome their past shortcomings and pull off a thrilling upset against their rivals.

This game promises to be an exciting rematch between contrasting styles. Penobscot Valley’s high-scoring offense will face a stern test against Hodgdon’s defensive intensity. Both teams have their strengths and weaknesses, and the outcome will hinge on their ability to capitalize on their advantages and overcome their shortcomings. Can Hodgdon contain the Howler offense and execute their own game plan effectively, or will Penobscot Valley’s experience and offensive prowess prove too much to handle?

Will Hodgdon rewrite the script and pull off a dramatic upset, fueled by their desire for redemption, or will Penobscot Valley maintain their dominant form and continue their march towards the championship? Tune in to the game at 7:00pm ET on [insert streaming platform details] and witness this intense Maine Class C girls basketball playoff rematch! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see if the Hawks can take flight or if the Howlers will repeat their previous victory!

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