Crane vs Lost River LIVE Oregon Varsity Boys Football Playoff Championship

Crane vs Lost River LIVE Oregon Varsity Boys Football Playoff Championship

The Oregon 1A 8-Man football championship will be decided on Saturday, November 25th, as the Lost River Raiders face off against the Crane Mustangs in a highly anticipated matchup at Caldera High School. Kickoff is set for 12:01 AM ET.

How to Watch Crane vs Lost River in Oregon Varsity Boys Football Today:

What it is: Oregon Varsity Boys Football
Matchup: Lost River Raiders vs. Crane Mustangs
Time: Saturday Nov 25, 2023, 12:01am ET
Locations: Caldera High School
Live Stream: Watch here

The Lost River Raiders, hailing from Merrill, Oregon, enter the game with an immaculate 11-0 record, having demonstrated remarkable dominance and consistency throughout the season. Their offense, led by a dynamic quarterback-receiver duo, has been unstoppable, averaging an astonishing 48.2 points per game. Their defense, while conceding an average of 16.7 points per game, has proven to be a formidable force, shutting down opponents and limiting their scoring opportunities.

On the other side of the gridiron stand the Crane Mustangs, representing Crane, Oregon. The Mustangs have captured the attention of the state with their impressive 10-0 record, showcasing an offensive prowess that has left opponents reeling. Their potent offense averages a staggering 46.3 points per game, leaving defenses scrambling and struggling to keep up. While their defense allows an average of 23.2 points per game, they have exhibited the ability to step up in crucial moments and make game-changing plays.

The stage is set for an epic clash of titans, with both teams possessing the firepower and determination to claim the coveted championship trophy. The Raiders’ aerial attack, with its precise passing and explosive plays, will face a stiff challenge against the Mustangs’ tenacious defense, known for its ability to apply pressure, disrupt passing lanes, and force turnovers. Meanwhile, the Mustangs’ ground game, a force to be reckoned with, will be tested by the Raiders’ relentless defensive line, which has consistently shut down opposing running backs and limited their offensive production.

Key Matchups to Watch

  • Lost River’s Aerial Attack vs. Crane’s Tenacious Defense: The Raiders’ passing game has been a key factor in their success this season. The Mustangs’ defense will need to be at its best to disrupt the Raiders’ passing lanes, generate turnovers, and limit their scoring opportunities.
  • Crane’s Ground Game vs. Lost River’s Relentless Defensive Line: The Mustangs’ ground game has been a consistent source of yards and touchdowns. The Raiders’ defensive line will need to apply consistent pressure on the Mustangs’ running backs, disrupt their offensive rhythm, and force them into passing situations.
  • The Battle of the Quarterbacks: Both quarterbacks will be under immense pressure to deliver in this high-stakes game. Their accuracy, decision-making, ability to make plays under pressure, and composure in the face of adversity will be crucial factors in determining the outcome of the game.


This game is shaping up to be a close contest, with both teams possessing the talent, determination, and coaching prowess to emerge victorious. The Raiders’ undefeated season, explosive offense, and experience in big games give them a slight edge, but the Mustangs’ balanced offense, tenacious defense, and home-field advantage should not be underestimated. Expect a thrilling championship game that will go down to the wire and be decided by a single play or a moment of brilliance.

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