Concord Academy vs Grace Christian LIVE Score North Carolina Girls Basketball (2/20/2024)

Concord Academy vs Grace Christian LIVE Score North Carolina Girls Basketball (2/20/2024)

Basketball enthusiasts and fans of high school girls’ basketball are in for a treat as two powerhouse teams, the Grace Christian Crusaders and Concord Academy Eagles, prepare to face off in the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association (NCISAA) Semifinals. Set to take place on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, at 6 pm ET in Sanford, NC, this playoff matchup promises to be an intense battle that fans won’t want to miss.

How to Watch Concord Academy vs Grace Christian

What it is: North Carolina High School Girls Basketball
Matchup: Grace Christian Crusaders vs. Concord Academy Eagles
Date: Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024
Time: 6pm ET
Locations: Sanford, NC
Live stream: Watch here

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Grace Christian, hailing from Sanford, NC, boasts an impressive record of 28-0. With a perfect win percentage and dominating performances both at home and away, the Crusaders are currently ranked first in the state and class. Their scoring prowess is evident, averaging an impressive 69.5 points per game, showcasing the team’s offensive strength.

On the other side of the court, Concord Academy, based in Concord, NC, brings a 20-3 record to the table. While they might not have an undefeated record like Grace Christian, the Eagles hold their ground with a robust performance, especially in conference games where they maintain a perfect 12-0 record. The team’s scoring average stands at 61.3 points per game, showcasing their offensive capabilities.

Head-to-Head History:

The anticipation for this game is heightened by the history between the two teams. Grace Christian secured a decisive victory in their previous encounter on January 30, 2024, with a commanding score of 71-27. This previous clash adds an extra layer of excitement as Concord Academy looks to turn the tide and seek redemption in the NCISAA Semifinals.

Rankings and Records:

Grace Christian’s top-tier performance reflects in their national and state rankings, holding the coveted first position in both categories. Concord Academy, while ranked lower nationally and within the state, stands out in class rankings, holding the fourth position. The stark contrast in their rankings sets the stage for an intriguing matchup, where the underdog status of Concord Academy might fuel their determination to upset the rankings.


As the Concord Academy Eagles and Grace Christian Crusaders prepare to collide in the NCISAA Semifinals, basketball enthusiasts and supporters of both teams are in for a riveting experience. With the backdrop of a previous head-to-head encounter and the stark difference in rankings, this game promises to be a thrilling showcase of talent, determination, and the true spirit of high school girls’ basketball. Don’t miss the live stream of this highly anticipated clash, as both teams vie for a spot in the championship game and the chance to etch their names in North Carolina high school basketball history.

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