Cathedral Prep vs Neumann-Goretti LIVE Pennsylvania High School Basketball

Cathedral Prep vs Neumann-Goretti LIVE Pennsylvania High School Basketball

Basketball enthusiasts and high school sports fans are in for a thrilling showdown as the Neumann-Goretti Saints take on the Cathedral Prep Ramblers in a Pennsylvania Varsity Boys Basketball matchup. Set to unfold on Friday, January 5, 2024, at 7:30 PM ET, this game will be hosted at the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center as part of the prestigious Burger King Classic. As a neutral tournament, both teams are geared up to leave a lasting impression on the court.

Where to Watch

For those eager to witness the intensity of the Cathedral Prep vs Neumann-Goretti clash, the game will be available for live streaming. Don’t miss the action; catch the live stream of the Varsity Boys Basketball game today.

  • What it is: Pennsylvania Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Matchup: Neumann-Goretti Saints vs. Cathedral Prep Ramblers
  • Date: Friday, Jan. 5, 2024
  • Time: 7:30PM ET
  • Locations: Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center
  • Live stream: Watch here

LIVE Stream the Cathedral Prep vs Neumann-Goretti Varsity Boys Basketball game Today!

Team Overview

Neumann-Goretti Saints (Philadelphia, PA) – 8-0

The Neumann-Goretti Saints enter the game with an impressive record of 8-0, showcasing their dominance on the court. Nationally ranked at 70, they stand tall as the top-ranked team in the state of Pennsylvania. Their sectional and division rankings also reflect their prowess, making them a formidable force in high school basketball.

In their journey to this matchup, the Saints have demonstrated consistency, boasting a perfect win record of 8-0. Whether at home, away, or on neutral ground, they maintain a flawless performance with a 1.000 win percentage. Scoring an average of 79.5 points per game, the Saints are known for their offensive prowess, setting the stage for an electrifying matchup.

Cathedral Prep Ramblers (Erie, PA) – 3-6

The Cathedral Prep Ramblers, on the other hand, come into the game with a record of 3-6. While their overall record may not be as formidable as Neumann-Goretti’s, the Ramblers have their own strengths and talents to bring to the court. Nationally ranked and ranked 223 in the state, they are ready to face the challenge presented by the Saints.

With a win percentage of .333, the Ramblers have faced tough competition but are determined to make their mark in this Burger King Classic matchup. Averaging 58.3 points per game, the Ramblers will look to capitalize on their strengths and exploit any weaknesses in their opponent’s defense.

Team Stat Comparison

Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks

  • Cathedral Prep:
    • Points Per Game: 57.8
    • Rebounds Per Game: 27.4
    • Assists Per Game: 10.3
    • Steals Per Game: 7.5
    • Blocks Per Game: 2.8
  • Neumann-Goretti:
    • Points Per Game: 79.8
    • Rebounds Per Game: 30.5
    • Assists Per Game: 18.0
    • Steals Per Game: 13.0
    • Blocks Per Game: 2.8

Head-to-Head and Team Leaders

As these two powerhouses collide, it’s important to note that they have not faced each other previously, adding an element of unpredictability to the matchup. The game promises a fresh and intense contest between Cathedral Prep’s top players, led by Nando Mirarchi, and Neumann-Goretti’s standout performers, with Khaafiq Myers taking charge.

  • Cathedral Prep Team Leaders:
    • Points Per Game: Nando Mirarchi (14.8)
    • Rebounds Per Game: Derek Galla (6.9)
    • Assists Per Game: Michael Thompson (3.0)
    • Steals Per Game: R. J. Roberts (2.5)
    • Blocks Per Game: Max Wallace (1.4)
  • Neumann-Goretti Team Leaders:
    • Points Per Game: Khaafiq Myers (16.0)
    • Rebounds Per Game: Larenzo Jerkins (11.0)
    • Assists Per Game: Khaafiq Myers (5.1)
    • Steals Per Game: Larenzo Jerkins (3.0)
    • Blocks Per Game: Amir Williams (0.8)


The Cathedral Prep vs Neumann-Goretti matchup promises to be a spectacle for basketball enthusiasts, showcasing the talent, determination, and strategy of these high school teams. With both teams hungry for success, this neutral tournament clash will undoubtedly provide fans with an unforgettable experience. Tune in to the live stream and witness the battle between the Cathedral Prep Ramblers and the Neumann-Goretti Saints as they vie for victory in the Burger King Classic.

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