Camp Hill vs Dunmore LIVE Pennsylvania Varsity Boys Football 11/24/2023

Camp Hill vs Dunmore LIVE Pennsylvania Varsity Boys Football 11/24/2023

In the heart of Pennsylvania’s Class 2A football landscape, two determined contenders, the Dunmore Bucks (11-2) and the Camp Hill Lions (8-5), are set to collide in a playoff showdown that promises to be a captivating display of athleticism, strategic brilliance, and unwavering determination. This epic encounter, scheduled for Friday, November 24, 2023, at 7:00 PM ET at Dunmore High School, is poised to be a thrilling spectacle that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.

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What it is: Pennsylvania Varsity Boys Football
Matchup: Dunmore Bucks vs. Camp Hill Lions
Time: Friday Nov 24, 2023, 7pm ET
Locations: Dunmore High School, PA
Live Stream: Watch here

The Dunmore Bucks have established themselves as a formidable force, boasting an impressive 11-2 record throughout the season. Their consistent performance has earned them a respectable position in both division and state rankings. The Camp Hill Lions, on the other hand, have demonstrated resilience and talent with an 8-5 record, showcasing their potential to challenge the Bucks. While their overall record may not be as impressive, their playoff berth speaks volumes about their determination to succeed in the postseason.

Despite their lower winning percentage, the Camp Hill Lions possess a slightly higher scoring average of 25.8 points per game compared to Dunmore’s 33.2 points per game. This suggests that both teams have the offensive firepower to put up substantial numbers on the scoreboard.

The two teams have yet to face each other, making this their first-ever encounter. This adds an extra layer of intrigue to the game, as both sides will be eager to establish dominance in their first head-to-head matchup.

Dunmore holds a significant edge in rushing yards per game (35.3 yards compared to Camp Hill’s 87.5 yards), indicating their preference for a ground-based offensive approach. However, Camp Hill maintains a substantial advantage in passing yards per game (255.0 yards compared to Dunmore’s 16.8 yards), demonstrating their ability to attack through the air.

In terms of total yards per game, Dunmore outperforms Camp Hill with an average of 52.0 yards compared to Camp Hill’s 342.5 yards. This suggests that Dunmore’s offense is more efficient in moving the ball down the field.

Camp Hill holds a slight edge in tackles per game with an average of 72.5 tackles compared to Dunmore’s undisclosed statistics. This indicates their ability to disrupt the opposing offense and prevent them from gaining yards.

Both teams average 2.0 sacks per game, suggesting their ability to put pressure on the opposing quarterback and disrupt passing plays.

In terms of points per game, Dunmore holds a slight advantage with an average of 25.1 points compared to Camp Hill’s 1.9 points. This suggests that Dunmore is more efficient in converting their offensive opportunities into points.

Camp Hill’s Kobe Moore leads the team in rushing yards per game with a respectable 34.6 yards, demonstrating his ability to gain ground consistently. His contributions on the ground will be crucial to the Lions’ offensive success.

Drew Branstetter spearheads Camp Hill’s passing attack with an impressive 262.6 passing yards per game, far exceeding the national average of 51.1 yards. His passing accuracy and ability to connect with receivers will be essential to their offensive output.

Branstetter also leads Camp Hill in total yards per game with a remarkable 293.9 yards, showcasing his versatility and overall offensive contribution. He will be a key player to watch for the Lions.

Kobe Moore’s 11.4 tackles per game for Camp Hill indicate his defensive prowess and ability to disrupt the opposing offense. His contributions on both sides of the ball will be valuable to the Lions.

M.A. Scaringi’s 0.4 sacks per game for Camp Hill demonstrate their ability to put pressure on the opposing quarterback and disrupt passing plays. Their ability to create turnovers could prove to be a decisive factor in the game.

Noah Doi’s 6.0 points per game for Camp Hill highlight his ability to score from various aspects of the game. His contributions to the scoreboard will be crucial to the Lions’ success.

Dunmore’s Danny Pigga jr leads the team in rushing yards per game with an impressive 54.0 yards, significantly surpassing the national average of 20.8 yards. His ability to consistently gain ground will be a major asset to the Bucks’ offense.

Thomas Bowen leads Dunmore’s passing attack with a respectable 100.5 passing yards per game, while falling short of the national average of 51

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