Bethesda-Chevy Chase vs Clarksburg live score Class 4A Girls Basketball State Championship 03/16/2024

Bethesda-Chevy Chase vs Clarksburg live score Class 4A Girls Basketball State Championship 03/16/2024

In the world of Maryland high school basketball, few matchups generate as much excitement as the one between the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Barons and the Clarksburg Coyotes. On March 16, 2024, these two formidable teams faced off in a game that promised to be a thrilling Class 4A Girls Basketball State Championship.

Bethesda-Chevy Chase vs Clarksburg Girls Varsity Basketball 03/16/2024:

What it is: Maryland High School Basketball
Matchup: Clarksburg Coyotes vs. Bethesda-Chevy Chase Barons
Date: Saturday, Mar. 16, 2024
Time: 9pm ET
Locations: Bethesda, MD
Live stream: Watch Live on NFHS Network!

The championship game, held in Bethesda, MD, featured the Clarksburg Coyotes, a team with an impressive record of 23-3, going head-to-head with the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Barons, who boasted an equally remarkable 26-3 record. The stakes were high, and the air was thick with anticipation as fans from both sides filled the stands, eager to witness a battle of skill, strategy, and sheer willpower.

As the game commenced at 9 pm ET, it was clear that both teams were not going to give an inch without a fight. The Barons, with a home-court advantage, showcased their prowess, having dominated the season with a .897 win percentage and an outstanding point tally of 1,581 against their opponents’ 1,044. The Coyotes, on the other hand, displayed their tenacity, with a win percentage of .885 and a formidable defense that had only allowed 958 points throughout the season.

The NFHS Network live-streamed this epic showdown, capturing every moment of the high-stakes drama. The championship bracket, part of the 2024 MPSSAA Girls Basketball State Championships, saw these two teams clash in a game that was more than just a display of talent; it was a testament to the spirit of high school sports.

The Bethesda-Chevy Chase vs Clarksburg Coyotes game was not just another championship match; it was a showcase of the future of basketball. With both teams displaying exceptional skill and determination, this game will be remembered as a highlight of the 2024 high school basketball season. As the final buzzer sounded, it was clear that regardless of the outcome, every player on that court was a champion in their own right

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