Alton vs Waubonsie Valley LIVE Score High School Girls Basketball (2/26/2024)

Alton vs Waubonsie Valley LIVE Score High School Girls Basketball (2/26/2024)

The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Girls Basketball State Championships (Class 4A) heat up today as the Alton Redbirds and the Waubonsie Valley Warriors lock horns in a captivating Super-Sectional matchup. Both teams boast impressive records and potent offenses, setting the stage for a high-scoring and thrilling encounter.

How to Watch Alton vs Waubonsie Valley

What it is: Illinois High School Girls Basketball
Matchup: Waubonsie Valley Warriors vs. Alton Redbirds
Date: Monday, Feb. 26, 2024
Time: 7pm ET
Locations: Bloomington (Ill. Wesleyan)
Live stream: Watch here

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This Super-Sectional clash features two offensive powerhouses. Alton, sporting a 32-2 record, boasts a dominant offense, averaging a remarkable 65.8 points per game. Waubonsie Valley, counters with a high-octane offense as well, averaging 64.3 points per game on average. The Redbirds, fueled by their near-perfect record and offensive dominance throughout the season, aim to overpower their opponents with their scoring prowess. The Warriors, however, possess a strong offense of their own and seek to outscore Alton in an offensive slugfest.

Statistical Breakdown:

Both teams showcase exceptional offensive capabilities, making this matchup a potential high-scoring affair. However, their defensive performances cannot be ignored. The ability to execute defensive plays effectively and capitalize on scoring opportunities generated by their defense will be crucial for both sides.

Key Factors:

The team that demonstrates better defensive execution and limits turnovers while maintaining their offensive efficiency will likely emerge victorious. Additionally, capitalizing on scoring opportunities in transition and controlling the tempo of the game will be vital.


This matchup promises to be an offensive showcase, with both teams possessing the potential to light up the scoreboard. The outcome is likely to hinge on which team can display better defensive discipline and capitalize on critical moments throughout the game.

Don’t miss the live stream and witness a captivating offensive battle as the Alton Redbirds and the Waubonsie Valley Warriors battle for a spot in the Class 4A State Championship!

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