Magnolia West vs Smithson Valley LIVE Varsity Boys Football Today 11/17/2023

Magnolia West vs Smithson Valley LIVE Varsity Boys Football Today 11/17/2023

Texas high school football enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the upcoming clash between the Smithson Valley Rangers and the Magnolia West Mustangs in the second round of the 2023 UIL 5A D1 Texas State Football Championships. Scheduled for Friday, November 17, 2023, at 7 pm ET, the playoffs promise an intense showdown at Temple High School.

What it is: Texas High School Football
Matchup: Smithson Valley Rangers vs. Magnolia West Mustangs
Time: Friday Nov 17, 2023, 7pm ET
Game Type: Playoffs
Bracket: 2023 UIL 5A D1 Texas State Football Championships
Round: Second Round
Locations: Temple High School
Live Stream: Watch here

The Smithson Valley Rangers, with a remarkable 10-1 record, will defend their home turf against the Magnolia West Mustangs, who have posted a commendable 7-4 record. Both teams have navigated a challenging path to reach the second round, setting the stage for a memorable encounter in Texas high school football history.

Examining the season statistics, the Smithson Valley Rangers hold an overall record of 23-24, securing a prominent national ranking and a comfortable 69th position in the state. In contrast, the Magnolia West Mustangs, with an identical 23-24 record, face a more challenging scenario, occupying the 252nd position in the state rankings.

On the offensive front, the Smithson Valley Rangers have been formidable, averaging an impressive 42.1 points per game. The Magnolia West Mustangs maintain a strong offensive presence, recording an average of 33.6 points per game. The Rangers, led by Terry Daniels, showcase a rushing yards per game average of 123.6, complemented by Bryson Broadway’s passing yards per game standing at 202.0.

Defensively, both teams demonstrate their prowess. The Smithson Valley Rangers boast 71.4 tackles per game and 2.8 sacks per game. The Magnolia West Mustangs, led by Sam Mattingly and Brandon Mills, showcase their defensive strength with 13.2 tackles per game and 1.0 sacks per game, respectively.

Intriguingly, these teams have not faced each other this season, adding an element of unpredictability to the upcoming playoff clash. The playoff atmosphere intensifies the competition, as both teams strive to advance further in the championships.

For fans eager to witness the action, various options are available for live streaming. The NFHS Network app allows viewers to watch the game live and on-demand on smartphones and tablets. Online streaming is also accessible through the website, providing additional features such as highlights, games of the week, and other events.

As the Smithson Valley Rangers and Magnolia West Mustangs prepare for battle under the Friday night lights, fans can anticipate a thrilling matchup that showcases the best of Texas high school football. Tune in to witness the intensity, skill, and determination as these teams vie for victory in the 2023 UIL 5A D1 Texas State Football Championships.

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