York vs Loyola Academy LIVE High School Football Score 11/18/2023

York vs Loyola Academy LIVE High School Football Score 11/18/2023

The York Dukes and Loyola Academy Ramblers will square off in a Week 12 varsity football matchup on Saturday, November 18, 2023, at 12:30 PM ET at Loyola Academy High School in Wilmette, IL. The game will be a rematch of last year’s Class 8A state championship game, which Loyola won 30-3.

    • What it is: Varsity Football
    • Stage: Week 12
    • Matchup: York Dukes vs. Loyola Academy Ramblers
    • Game Type: Playoff
    • Bracket: 2023 Illinois High School Football Playoff Brackets: IHSA – Class 8A
    • Round: Semifinals Round
    • Time: Saturday Nov 18, 2023, 12:30 PM (Local Time)
    • Locations: Loyola Academy High School – Wilmette, IL.
    • Live Stream: Watch here

Game Preview:

In a highly anticipated Week 12 varsity football matchup, the York Dukes and Loyola Academy Ramblers are set to collide on Saturday, November 18, 2023, at 12:30 PM ET at Loyola Academy High School in Wilmette, IL. This electrifying encounter carries the weight of last year’s Class 8A state championship game, where Loyola emerged victorious with a decisive 30-3 win.

The York Dukes, currently ranked #3 in the state with an impressive 11-1 record, are led by the explosive talents of senior running back J.J. Melion. Melion has torn through defenses this season, amassing over 1,500 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns. On the other side of the gridiron, the #3-ranked Loyola Academy Ramblers boast a perfect 12-0 record, spearheaded by the dynamic senior quarterback Michael Baker. Baker has orchestrated a masterful aerial attack, throwing for over 2,500 yards and 25 touchdowns.

This highly anticipated clash promises to be a nail-biter, with both teams boasting an arsenal of talent and a hunger for victory. The outcome will hinge on the ability of each team to minimize mistakes and seize opportunities.

Key Players to Watch:

  • York Dukes:

    • J.J. Melion (RB): The Dukes’ offensive juggernaut, Melion’s explosive running style poses a constant threat to opposing defenses.

    • Connor Ostendorf (DL): A force to be reckoned with on the defensive line, Ostendorf’s disruptive presence will be crucial in disrupting Loyola’s offensive rhythm.

    • Charlie Winton (LB): The Dukes’ defensive anchor, Winton’s leadership and tackling prowess will be instrumental in neutralizing Loyola’s offensive firepower.

  • Loyola Academy Ramblers:

    • Michael Baker (QB): The maestro of the Ramblers’ offense, Baker’s accuracy and decision-making will be pivotal in their quest for victory.

    • Jack Fitzgerald (RB): A versatile and elusive ball carrier, Fitzgerald’s ability to create plays out of nothing will be a major factor in Loyola’s offensive strategy.

    • Quinlan Herbert (LB): The Ramblers’ defensive cornerstone, Herbert’s range and tackling instincts will be crucial in stifling the Dukes’ offensive attack.


In a thrilling battle of titans, I predict that the York Dukes will emerge victorious, edging out the Loyola Academy Ramblers in a tightly contested game, 24-21. The Dukes’ potent running attack, coupled with their ability to force turnovers, will prove decisive in securing their hard-fought victory.

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