Valley vs St. Dominic LIVE High School Boys Basketball Saturday 2/24/2024

Valley vs St. Dominic LIVE High School Boys Basketball Saturday 2/24/2024

The stage is set for a thrilling Class D championship clash this Saturday, February 24th, as the Valley Cavaliers (16-4) take on the undefeated St. Dominic Saints (19-1) at 2:45 PM in Lewiston, ME. This neutral-site showdown promises an electrifying atmosphere, with both teams vying for the coveted title.

What it is: Varsity Boys Basketball
Matchup: Valley Cavaliers vs St. Dominic Saints
Game Type: Neutral playoff game
Bracket: 2024 MPA Boys’ Basketball Championships presented by Ware-Butler Building Supply – Class D
Time: Saturday, Feb 24, 2024, 2:45 PM (Local time)
Locations: St. Dominic High School – Lewiston, ME
Home Team: St. Dominic Saints 19-1
Away Team: Valley Cavaliers 16-4
Live Stream: Watch here

Saints Soar with Home Advantage:

Boasting a near-perfect record, the Saints enter the game as the favorite. Their home court advantage and impressive win streak instill a sense of confidence. Led by key players they showcase a well-oiled offense and a resilient defense. However, their undefeated status could also create pressure, potentially leading to overconfidence.

Cavaliers Crave the Crown:

Despite being the away team, the Cavaliers shouldn’t be counted out. Their 16-4 record demonstrates their ability to win close games and overcome challenges. Their hunger for victory and underdog spirit could be their secret weapon. Identifying their key players and their strengths will be crucial for understanding their potential to upset the Saints.

Battle for Basketball Supremacy:

This matchup promises to be a battle of wills. The Saints’ experience and home crowd support might give them an edge, but the Cavaliers’ determination and fighting spirit shouldn’t be underestimated. Their tactical approach and ability to exploit any weaknesses in the Saints’ defense could be the deciding factor.


Picking a winner is difficult. The Saints have the upper hand on paper, but the Cavaliers’ underdog status and hunger for victory could be game-changers. Ultimately, the team that executes its game plan better and minimizes mistakes will be crowned champion.

Beyond the Game:

This championship game is more than just a trophy. It’s a culmination of hard work, dedication, and passion for the sport. It’s a chance for both teams to showcase their talent and leave a lasting mark on Class D basketball history. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, this game promises to be an exciting spectacle that shouldn’t be missed.

Stay Tuned:

Stay tuned for further updates on the game, including starting lineups, key player stats, and post-game analysis. Let the championship countdown begin!

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