St. John’s vs St. Mary’s Ryken LIVE High School Basketball Score 2/11/2024

St. John’s vs St. Mary’s Ryken LIVE High School Basketball Score 2/11/2024

Leonardtown, MD – Get ready for a classic Washington, D.C. high school basketball battle as the St. Mary’s Ryken Knights (10-16) welcome the St. John’s Cadets (20-5) to their home court on Sunday, February 11th, at 2:00 PM EST. This WCAC conference clash promises an exciting afternoon of contrasting styles and competitive spirit.

What it is: Washington, DC High School Basketball
Matchup: St. Mary’s Ryken Knights vs St. John’s Cadets
Time: Sunday, February 11, 2024, at 2:00PM
Locations: St. Mary’s Ryken, (MD)
Game type: Home conference game
Live Stream: Watch here

St. John’s soars high. Ranked #6 in the state, the Cadets come boasting an impressive 20-5 record. Their strength lies in their fast-paced offense and coordinated team play, fueled by a winning season that has seen them dominate opponents. However, they carry a slight scar from their previous encounter with St. Mary’s Ryken, where they suffered a narrow defeat. Revenge and continued dominance in the standings are their motivators on Sunday.

Knights ready to defend their turf. Despite their underdog status with a 10-16 record and #53 state ranking, St. Mary’s Ryken cannot be underestimated. Their home court victory against St. John’s earlier this season stands as a testament to their potential and home-court advantage. They rely on individual brilliance and opportunistic defense to disrupt the rhythm of their opponents and pull off upsets.

Beyond the numbers. This game transcends mere statistics. It’s a chance for young athletes to showcase their talent on a big stage, fueled by the passion of their communities and the rivalry between the two schools. Witness the contrasting styles clash – St. John’s fast-paced attack versus St. Mary’s Ryken’s opportunistic defense – as they battle for bragging rights and crucial conference points.

Don’t miss the action! Tune in at 2:00 PM EST and be part of the electrifying atmosphere! Whether you’re a loyal supporter or simply enjoy thrilling competition, this WCAC showdown promises an enthralling experience.

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