Norfolk Collegiate vs Steward LIVE High School Basketball Score 2/23/2024

Norfolk Collegiate vs Steward LIVE High School Basketball Score 2/23/2024

Mighty Oaks Soar Past Spartans in TCIS Semifinal Showdown
The Norfolk Collegiate Mighty Oaks (28-4) soared to victory over the Steward Spartans (17-11) in a thrilling TCIS Tournament Semifinal matchup on Friday, February 23rd, by a score of 62-48. Despite playing on Steward’s home court, the Mighty Oaks displayed their dominance throughout the game, leaving the Spartans behind at every turn.

What it is: Virginia High School Basketball
Matchup: Steward Spartans vs Norfolk Collegiate Mighty Oaks
Time: Friday, February 23, 2024, at 4:30pm
Locations: Steward, (VA)
Game type: Neutral conference tournament game
Game Details: TCIS Tournament Semifinal
Live Stream: Watch here

Norfolk Collegiate came out strong, taking an early lead and never relinquishing it. Their offense was well-balanced, with several players contributing key baskets. The Spartans, on the other hand, struggled to find their rhythm, often resorting to contested shots that missed their mark.

While Steward entered the game with a lower state ranking (60th compared to Norfolk Collegiate’s 17th), their division ranking was slightly higher (7th vs. 3rd). However, the Mighty Oaks’ superior record and overall performance on the day proved to be the deciding factors.

Standout performers for Norfolk Collegiate included [Player Name 1] who scored [Number] points and grabbed [Number] rebounds, and [Player Name 2] who dished out [Number] assists. For Steward, [Player Name 3] put up a valiant effort with [Number] points, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Mighty Oaks’ offensive firepower.

This win propels Norfolk Collegiate into the TCIS Tournament Final, where they will face a tough challenge. Steward’s season, however, comes to an end with a respectable record and valuable lessons learned. Both teams can be proud of their accomplishments this season and look forward to building on them in the future.

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