Mossyrock vs SCCS LIVE High School Basketball Score 2/28/2024

Mossyrock vs SCCS LIVE High School Basketball Score 2/28/2024

Mossyrock Vikings Battle SCCS Archers in WIAA 2B Playoffs
The Mossyrock Vikings (17-7) are taking on the SCCS Archers (19-7) in a neutral site playoff game for the WIAA 2024 Boys Basketball Hardwood Classic – 1B. The game is currently in progress at SCCS in Bellevue, Washington, adding an extra layer of intrigue as the Vikings face the home team in a playoff environment.

What it is: Washington High School Basketball
Matchup: SCCS Archers vs Mossyrock Vikings
Time: Wednesday, February 28, 2024, (In progress)
Locations: SCCS, (WA)
Bracket: WIAA 2024 Boys Basketball Hardwood Classic – 1B
Game type: Neutral playoff game
Live Stream: Watch here

Despite a lower state ranking (176) compared to SCCS (220), the Vikings hold the edge in divisional rankings, sitting at 9th in the 1B category while SCCS is ranked 18th. They come into the game with a strong record and recently won their last game against Columbia Adventist Academy by a score of 57-41.

While boasting a higher state ranking and home-court advantage (despite the neutral location), the Archers cannot afford to underestimate the Vikings. They will be looking to build on their recent success, having won 6 of their last 7 games.

This game promises an exciting battle between two evenly matched teams. The key for Mossyrock will be to overcome the potential psychological pressure of playing in a pseudo-away environment and capitalize on their recent winning momentum. SCCS, on the other hand, will need to leverage their home-court familiarity and strong overall record to secure the win.

Both teams are evenly matched, making it difficult to predict a clear winner. The Vikings’ divisional ranking might give them a slight edge, but the Archers’ home-court advantage and recent win streak shouldn’t be ignored. This game is likely to be close, and the outcome will depend on which team executes their game plan better and performs under pressure.

Since the game is currently in progress, you can follow local sports media or the official WIAA website for live updates and the final score.

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