Exeter vs Londonderry LIVE High School Football Today 11/11/2023

Exeter vs Londonderry LIVE High School Football Today 11/11/2023

The Londonderry Lancers and Exeter Blue Hawks will square off in the second round of the 2023 NHAA Division I Football Championships on Saturday, November 11, 2023 at 1pm ET at Londonderry High School in Londonderry, NH.

What it is: New Hampshire High School Football
Matchup: Londonderry Lancers vs. Exeter Blue Hawks
Time: Saturday Nov 11, 2023, 1pm ET
Game Type: Playoffs
Bracket: 2023 NHAA Division I Football Championships
Round: Second Round
Locations: Londonderry – Londonderry, NH
Live Stream: Watch here

The Lancers enter the game with a better record and have the better offense, averaging 35.0 points per game. The Blue Hawks, on the other hand, have a better defense, allowing just 21.8 points per game.

The Lancers are led by senior quarterback Jack Miller, who has thrown for over 2,500 yards and 30 touchdowns this season. Miller also has a strong running game, with over 500 yards and 10 touchdowns on the ground.

The Blue Hawks are led by senior running back Ben Peterson, who has rushed for over 1,500 yards and 20 touchdowns this season. Peterson is also a threat in the passing game, with over 300 yards receiving and five touchdowns.

The Lancers defeated the Blue Hawks, 35-0, last month. However, the Blue Hawks have improved significantly since then and are playing their best football of the season.

This game is expected to be a close game, with both teams having evenly matched offenses and defenses. The outcome of the game will likely come down to which team can make the most stops on defense and which team can avoid costly turnovers.

The game will be streamed live on the NFHS Network. You can watch the game on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or connected device. To watch the game, you will need to sign in and subscribe to the NFHS Network.

I predict that the Londonderry Lancers will win this game, 35-28.

The Londonderry Lancers are the better team overall. They have the better offense, the better quarterback, and the better running game. However, the Exeter Blue Hawks are a dangerous opponent with a good defense. If the Blue Hawks can force the Lancers into turnovers and slow down their running game, they have a chance to win this game.

The key to the game will be the Lancers’ ability to slow down the Blue Hawks’ running game. The Blue Hawks have a strong running game that is averaging over 200 yards per game. The Lancers will need to get their linebackers and defensive linemen involved in order to stop the Blue Hawks’ running game.

The Lancers also need to avoid costly turnovers. The Blue Hawks have forced 20 turnovers this season. If the Lancers can avoid turnovers, they will have a good chance to win this game.

The Lancers are the favorites to win this game, but the Blue Hawks are a dangerous opponent. If the Blue Hawks can slow down the Lancers’ running game and force them into turnovers, they have a chance to win this game.

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