DeSales vs Neah Bay LIVE High School Basketball Score 3/2/2024

DeSales vs Neah Bay LIVE High School Basketball Score 3/2/2024

Neah Bay Red Devils Aim for Upset Against Statistically Favored DeSales Irish in Hardwood Classic
A compelling matchup unfolds this morning at 11:15 AM in Neah Bay, Washington, as the Neah Bay Red Devils (19-6) take on the DeSales Irish (23-5) in the WIAA 2024 Boys Basketball Hardwood Classic – 1B. Despite facing a statistically superior opponent, the Red Devils will be looking to leverage their home court advantage and pull off an upset.

What it is: Washington High School Basketball
Matchup: Neah Bay Red Devils vs DeSales Irish
Time: Saturday, March 2, 2024, at 11:15AM
Locations: Neah Bay, (WA)
Barcket: WIAA 2024 Boys Basketball Hardwood Classic – 1B
Game type: Home playoff game
Live Stream: Watch here

The DeSales Irish enter the game as the favorites, boasting an impressive 23-5 record and a significantly higher state ranking (#116 compared to Neah Bay’s #96). Additionally, their #5 divisional ranking indicates dominance within their league.

The Neah Bay Red Devils shouldn’t be overlooked. Their 19-6 record speaks volumes about their ability to compete throughout the season. Moreover, their #4 divisional ranking showcases their strength within their specific division. Playing on their home court, the Red Devils will undoubtedly have the enthusiastic support of their local crowd, potentially fueling a spirited performance.

This game presents a classic underdog story. The Neah Bay Red Devils will be determined to prove their mettle against the highly-favored DeSales Irish. While DeSales holds the statistical advantage, the Red Devils’ home court edge and unwavering determination to advance could be game-changers.

There is no information available on where to stream or watch the game live. Local news outlets and the WIAA website might provide updates on the game’s progress.

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