Cottonwood vs Logan LIVE High School Basketball Score 2/26/2024

Cottonwood vs Logan LIVE High School Basketball Score 2/26/2024

State-Ranked Cottonwood Colts Aim to Gallop Past Logan Grizzlies in 4A Playoff Clash
The 2024 UHSAA Mountain America Boys Basketball Championships see the Cottonwood Colts (19-5) facing off against the Logan Grizzlies (19-5) in a thrilling neutral site matchup. This highly anticipated game takes place at Logan High School on February 26, 2024, at 2:30 PM MST, with both teams aiming to secure a spot in the next round of the 4A playoffs.

What it is: Utah High School Basketball
Matchup: Logan Grizzlies vs Cottonwood Colts
Time: Monday, February 26, 2024, at 2:30pm
Locations: Logan, (UT)
Game type: Neutral playoff game
Bracket: 2024 UHSAA * Mountain America – Boys Basketball State Championships – 4A Boys Basketball Championship
Live Stream: Watch here

Despite playing in their opponent’s home city, Cottonwood boasts a significant edge in both the state rankings (#27) and divisional rankings (#9) compared to Logan (#14 and #3, respectively). This suggests the Colts have been the more dominant team throughout the season, boasting a superior win-loss record as well.

However, the home-court advantage and the Grizzlies’ strong regular season record cannot be overlooked. Logan will be fueled by the desire to pull off an upset against the higher-ranked Cottonwood squad and potentially leverage the home crowd’s energy to their advantage.

Cottonwood will need to capitalize on their offensive efficiency, potentially reflected in their state ranking and win-loss record, to overcome any challenges presented by the home crowd. The Colts will need to play with a high level of focus and execute their game plan effectively to secure victory.

Logan, on the other hand, will aim to leverage their defensive capabilities, potentially reflected in their divisional ranking, and capitalize on scoring opportunities to overcome the seemingly stronger Cottonwood squad. Their ability to contain the Colts’ offense and execute their own plays efficiently will be crucial in securing an upset victory.

While the rankings seem to favor Cottonwood, this matchup promises to be a close and exciting battle. Both teams are evenly matched in terms of their win-loss records, and the home-court advantage adds another layer of intrigue to the game.

Don’t miss out on the action as the Cottonwood Colts and Logan Grizzlies battle it out for a coveted spot in the next round of the 4A State Championship!

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