Catholic of Pointe Coupee vs. Riverside Academy LIVE High School Football Score 11/17/2023

Catholic of Pointe Coupee vs. Riverside Academy LIVE High School Football Score 11/17/2023

The Catholic of Pointe Coupee Hornets and Riverside Academy Rebels will face off in a Louisiana varsity football matchup on Friday, November 17, 2023, at 7:00 pm ET at Catholic of Pointe Coupee High School in New Roads, LA.

  • What it is: Varsity Football
  • Matchup: Catholic of Pointe Coupee Hornets vs. Riverside Academy Rebels
  • Game Type: Playoffs
  • Round: Championship Round
  • Time: Friday Nov 17, 2023, 7:00 PM (Local time)
  • Locations: Catholic of Pointe Coupee High School – New Roads, LA
  • Live Stream: Watch here

The Hornets, boasting a formidable 10-1 record, have consistently demonstrated their dominance throughout the season, averaging an impressive 37.2 points per game while holding their opponents to a mere 14.2 points per game. Their recent victory over Cedar Creek in the semifinals, a resounding 42-0 shutout, serves as a testament to their unwavering determination and cohesive teamwork.

Meanwhile, the Rebels, marching into the championship game with an undefeated 11-0 record, have proven to be an unstoppable force, averaging 42.4 points per game while restricting their adversaries to a paltry 10.1 points per game. Their commanding 42-21 triumph over Crescent City Christian in the semifinals further underscores their exceptional talent and unwavering pursuit of victory.

The first encounter between these two titans, held on October 6, 2023, resulted in a nail-biting 61-57 victory for Riverside Academy. This closely contested match highlights the razor-thin margin between these two exceptional teams, setting the stage for an equally captivating championship showdown.

As the anticipation for this epic clash intensifies, both teams are diligently preparing, meticulously honing their strategies and refining their techniques. The Hornets, led by their experienced coaching staff and driven by their unwavering determination, are focused on executing their game plan with precision and maximizing their scoring opportunities.

Likewise, the Rebels, guided by their astute leadership and fueled by their unwavering passion, are committed to maintaining their offensive prowess and bolstering their defensive resolve. The championship stage awaits, and both teams are poised to deliver an unforgettable performance.

The eyes of the Louisiana football community will be glued to the field as the Catholic of Pointe Coupee Hornets and Riverside Academy Rebels engage in this pivotal championship battle. The stakes are high, the competition is fierce, and the atmosphere is electric. This Friday night, under the spotlight of New Roads, LA, a new champion will be crowned, and the legacy of Louisiana varsity football will be etched in history.


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