Brownfield vs Bushland LIVE High School Football Today 11/09/2023

Brownfield vs Bushland LIVE High School Football Today 11/09/2023

The Brownfield Cubs (5-5) and Bushland Falcons (9-1) will meet in the first round of the 2023 UIL 3A D1 Texas State Football Championships on Thursday, November 9th, at 7:00pm ET, at Bushland High School in Bushland, TX.

What it is: Texas High School Football
Matchup: Brownfield Cubs vs. Bushland Falcons
Time: Thursday Nov 09, 2023, 7:00pm ET
Game Type: Playoffs
Bracket: 2023 UIL 3A D1 Texas State Football Championships
Round: First Round
Locations: Bushland – Bushland, TX
Live stream: Watch here

This is a rematch of a regular season game that the Falcons won 45-21. However, the Cubs have improved significantly since then. They have won four of their last five games, and they are peaking at the right time.

The Cubs are led by running back Gage McPherson and quarterback Jesus Martinez. McPherson has rushed for over 1,000 yards and 15 touchdowns this season. Martinez has thrown for over 2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns.

The Falcons are led by running back Slade Perry and quarterback Dawson J Jaco. Perry has rushed for over 1,500 yards and 20 touchdowns this season. Jaco has thrown for over 2,500 yards and 30 touchdowns.

The Cubs defense has been solid this season, allowing just 23.1 points per game. The Falcons defense has been a bit more susceptible to the big play, but they have still been able to hold opponents to an average of just 28.0 points per game.

This game is expected to be a close one, with both teams evenly matched. The Cubs may have a slight edge in terms of experience, as they have several players who have started in the playoffs before. However, the Falcons are the more explosive team on offense.

How to Watch

The game will be streamed live on the NFHS Network. You can watch on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or connected device. To watch, sign in and subscribe, and select the game to watch.


Bushland Falcons 38, Brownfield Cubs 35


The Bushland Falcons are the favorites in this game, but the Brownfield Cubs should not be overlooked. The Cubs have a lot of experience and they have played some tough teams this season. However, the Falcons are simply too good on offense. They have a lot of playmakers and they are capable of scoring from anywhere on the field.

The Cubs defense will need to be able to contain Perry and Jaco in order to have a chance to win this game. The Falcons defense will also need to be able to stop McPherson, but they are less concerned about the Cubs passing game.

Overall, the Bushland Falcons are the better team and they should be able to win this game. However, the Brownfield Cubs are a dangerous team and they could pull off the upset if they have a great game.

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