Today’s New York Times Connections #282 Answers And Hints – March 19, 2024

Today’s New York Times Connections #282 Answers And Hints – March 19, 2024

The New York Times’s Connections game is a daily challenge that tests your ability to find connections between words. Each day presents a new puzzle wall to solve. If you’re on a winning streak and want to keep it going, we’ve got all the hints and answers you need.

Whether you’re looking for a gentle nudge in the right direction or the outright answer to preserve your flawless record, we’ve got you covered.

Category Hints

Today’s puzzle features some very esoteric categories and clues. The hints are presented from the easiest category to the hardest, following the order prescribed by the puzzle itself – Yellow, Green, Blue, then Purple.

  • Yellow Category: This category relates to cinema.
  • Green Category: This category has words that mean the same thing. Think deception and trying to make something believe falsities.
  • Blue Category: This category relates to a certain instrument and the people who play it.
  • Purple Category: This category has words that can be followed by the same word. Think silver medals.

Beware of two potential missteps today! Firstly, it’s possible to get sidetracked down a ‘literature’ path when you’re supposed to be thinking film. Secondly, ignore the courtly theme going on with ‘King’ and ‘Page’.

Today’s Answers

Today’s puzzle is on the more difficult side. Here are the answers:

  • Yellow Category (Movie Summary Info): Cast, Genre, Plot, Title
  • Green Category (Pretense): Affect, Airs, Charade, Front
  • Blue Category (Famous Guitarists): Berry, King, Page, Waters
  • Purple Category (Second _____): Fiddle, Guess, Nature, Wind

Remember, the joy of the Connections game lies in the journey of solving the puzzle. So, use these hints sparingly and keep enjoying the game. Happy puzzling!

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